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What Our Cleaning Clients Have To Say...

"They got all the spot out and it was a quick dry- 2 hours. I am very satisfied with all the aspects of the service R&R provided. I am also more likely to use R&R again and to refer someone to them as well...."


Oregon, WI

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Hear what our clients have to say

"They did a great job! Our carpets are cleaner than they’ve been in a long time and they got out stains that had been there for awhile."
Seana Augustine
Madison, WI

"I highly recommend R&R Carpet Cleaning! I had a bad red wine spill on my white carpeting. I had previously purchased a bottle of their General Purpose Spotter which helped a lot, but I couldn't get the entire area clean. So they came to my house and sprayed the area with a stronger product and got the stains out completely, and didn't charge me! I have used their spotter cleaner a lot in the past and it works better than any other products I have tried. These folks are very friendly, courteous, gave me a quick response and did a great job. They saved me from having to get new carpeting! Thank you so much!"
Stoughton, WI

"R&R Carpet Cleaning, Ron Blum and his daughter run a fabulous business."
Joanne DelPizzo
Stoughton, WI

"R&R came to our rescue when our new landlord sprinkled some nasty deodorizer into our carpet prior to us moving in. The chemicals triggered a serious allergic reaction. When we approached the landlord to ask what was used, we were informed, "too bad, you signed on the dotted'll be fine..." Ron and Nicole not only came the next day and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the carpet, they also used an anti-allergen which immediately relieved my symptoms. Thank you SO much!"
Sheridan Schakelman
Madison, WI

"I liked the “in person” quote. I got a couple other “quotes” via the phone and I wasn’t comfortable with it. That you were willing to come back and treat the problem areas free of charge was also something I liked most about R&R. I am most likely to use you again and to refer someone else to you as well."
Madison, WI

"They got all the spot out and it was a quick dry- 2 hours. I am very satisfied with all the aspects of the service R&R provided. I am also more likely to use R&R again and to refer someone to them as well."
Oregon, WI

"They are the best carpet cleaner I have had. I am very satisfied with every aspect of their service. I have no bad complaints about R&R Carpet Cleaning"
Madison, WI

"This is the best 'carpet cleaning experience' I've ever had. Ron and Nicole are professionals and are very friendly, happy people. They clearly explained the processes and people and earth friendly chemicals they would use to remove the dirt, puppy spots, and huge coffee stains on my floor and stair carpeting. They worked thoroughly, quickly, and non-stop. Their phone number is on my speed-dial list in case my puppies have any further 'accidents'. :)"
Madison, WI

"My carpet looks great! I am very satisfied with the service you provided. I am more likely to use your services again and will also more likely refer others to you."
Madison, WI

"I am very satisfied with your service. What I like the most is the quality of your work. Your work lives up to the promises! I am more likely to use your services again and would most likely refer others to you."
McFarland, WI

"I like supporting a local Father/Daughter Business. I was very satisfied with the job, so I wanted to let you know. I am more likely to use R&R Carpet Cleaning again and more likely to refer someone I know to you as well."
Madison, WI

"Ron and Nikki were prompt and courteous. I am very happy with how well the carpet was cleaned. The whole experience was just fine. I am very likely to use R&R Carpet Cleaning again! I will also be more likely to refer my family and friends to R&R without hesitation and thank you for your Referral Reward Program!"
Al K.
Madison, WI

"What I like MOST about R&R Carpet Cleaning is their responsiveness to scheduling needs. I also really appreciated the fans to have my carpet dry quickly! Ron and Nikki provided an excellent service and cleaning results! Thank you Ron and Nikki for your service."
Margaret L.
Middleton, WI

"I was very satisfied with your overall performance. You returned 2 times for stubborn spots! I will be more likely to use R&R Carpet Cleaning again and refer someone else to you as well."
Evelyn K.
Stoughton, WI

"Ron and Nikki are thorough, friendly and down to earth!!!!!"
Jodi W.
Verona, WI

"On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being “very dissatisfied” and 5 being “very satisfied”, I give R&R 5’s on every aspect of their service. They arrive on time; are courteous on the jobsite; do quality cleaning; respond to special requests; have responsive office staff; offer varied payment options and your guarantee is great. All of these aspects make me most satisfied as a customer. I haven’t found anything yet that I didn’t like about R&R Carpet Cleaning! I plan to have R&R clean my carpet once a year!"
Lois B.
Madison, WI

"Ron and Nikki: I like you guys. I can’t think of anything that I like LEAST about R&R Carpet Cleaning. The idea that I can ask you to clean the blind or a small space or whatever, and you are always very responsive to individual requests is great! And your guarantee, you really mean it. I’m so very happy that you have been able to clean my carpets, floors for the past few years. I am more likely to use R&R again and have no hesitation about referring you to someone else."
Kerri S
Stoughton, WI

"I was using a motorized dolly to move some large items from my basement upstairs. During the process the drive chains on the dolly got oil and grease on the light beige carpet on the steps. Ron came to my house and got the stains out. You can't even tell there were stains there. On top of that, he even cleaned the carpet in my basement for me as well and removed some residual stains that had been left behind by a previous carpet cleaner a couple years ago. Top notch service and a really nice guy to boot. Highly recommended for any stain removal tasks."
Kyle E.
Madison, WI

" I've had R & R out to clean carpets at 2 different properties. Both occasions they showed up exactly when they said they would. They were in and out after just an hour or so. The carpets dried within hours and I appreciated that as I've had other companies leave and my carpets were wet for days! My properties are rentals so the carpets get beat up pretty bad and every time R & R has been out, they leave them looking bran new! Love working with Nikki and Ron, salt of the earth, professional, caring and genuine friends of mine."
Leia S
Madison, WI

"Thank you so much for coming and cleaning our couches and carpets. We have a bulldog and she sheds like crazy and after Nicole came over and cleaned the couches they looked like new and they clean up so much better now!! You guys all the best."
Alyssa W.
Stoughton, WI

"Thanks for the great job in cleaning my couch and recliner! They look brand new! You just saved me from having to buy new furniture. Thanks!!!"
Sue V.
Oregon, WI

"Friendly courteous and very professional. Great job!"
Joe H.
Madison, WI

"Ron has been cleaning our carpets for years. Ron is always on time and does a great job. I highly recommend this company."
Louise A.
Stoughton, WI

"After my dog got very sick all over the house, I wanted to be sure I got a professional carpet cleaning quickly. I called Ron on Saturday and he was able to come out Sunday morning (which was very important because I wanted to act quickly and knew coming home from work during the week would be difficult). He and his daughter were right on time, very professional, and did an excellent job! They got all of the pet stains and odor out and were very quick."
Sarah W.
Madison, WI

"R&R Carpets cleaned my living room & hall carpets & microfiber recliner. Ron & his daughter Nikki arrived on time, got right to work & were done quickly. They were informative of the process & offered many additional services w/no pressure - deodorizer, scotch guard, etc,."
Colleen C.
Stoughton, WI

"Dear Team R&R It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the Unger family, I extend to you our sincere thanks and appreciation for your most knowledgeable, professional and outstanding customer service on behalf of your company. From your arrival to your departure on Tuesday, October 2nd everything flowed just as advertised. You answered our concerns and questions and produced a product that is immediately noticeable and far superior to the three previous providers we have has visit our home in the twelve years we have lived in this home. Thanks for your time and consideration. It will now be our pleasure to host our friends and guests with confidence knowing that we have a clean and renewed floor."
Jeffery & Shauna U.
DeForest, WI

"They did a fabulous job and were able to get the extra water out of the carpets that the other company couldn't. They also did an excellent job of cleaning the chairs. They provided me a huge fan to make sure that the carpets dried completely. They brought in a machine to clean spots on the carpets and hand-cleaned the chairs. The carpet was lighter-looking after they finished their clean, which means they did a better job than the other company. They did a great job of cleaning and de-odorizing a cat urine stain and took extra steps to make sure there was no longer an odor. They also provided immediate response."
Renee R.
McFarland, WI

" I have used R&R many times over the last four years. They are detailed and thorough in their work, they clean up after themselves, they do what you ask them to, and don't push you to do anything additional. They are pleasant to deal with, show up on time as schedule, and are extremely reasonable from a price perspective. I keep going back to them because I am pleased with the price quality relationship."
Christine C.
Stoughton, WI

"Ron, thank you very much for cleaning my carpets and upholstery. My boyfriend, who is allergic to animals, has had absolutely no problems with the couch-which is a sure sign that you cleaned very thoroughly."

"R & R is the best company we have ever used. Ron is on time, experienced, and he shows pride in his work."
Julie C.
Madison, WI

"Ron, thank you for cleaning my area rug. My dog treats it as his own and I thought it was ruined. I can’t believe this is the same rug!"
Sonja H.
Stoughton, WI

"R & R has cleaned our carpets at Evergreen State Bank for over 9 years. Ron's attention to detail and the fact that he is always on the job are just two reasons will only use R & R Carpet Cleaning."
Bonnie S.
Stoughton, WI

"Ron, thank you for the excellent service you provided for us. We thought we would have had to give an $800 carpet allowance when we sold our house, but after you cleaned them, we sold it as is. R & R has cleaned our carpets at Evergreen State Bank for over 9 years. Ron's attention to detail and the fact that he is always on the job are just two reasons will only use R & R Carpet Cleaning."
Debbie S
Madison, WI